Photo of Dr David Walker

Dr David Walker

Postdoctoral Research Fellow


Telephone: 01392 723913

Extension: (Streatham) 3913

About Me

I received my PhD in April 2013 for a thesis entitled "Ordering and Visualisation of Many-objective Populations". This work, supervised by Dr Jonathan Fieldsend and Prof. Richard Everson in the Computer Science department at Exeter and was an EPSRC CASE award with Motorola.

Since completing my PhD I have worked on a number of projects within the Engineering discipline at Exeter, including: the development of artificial neural networks for modelling infiltration in drainage networks and domestics water consumption, analysing river quality using multi-criteria visualisations; and solving computationally expensive problems with evolutionary algorithms. I am currently between Computer Science and the Centre for Water Systems on the EPSRC-funded HOWS project.

Research Interests

My research interests centre around visualisation, evolutionary computation and multi-criteria decision making. My recent work has focused on all three of these areas. I organise a popular workshop on visualisation (VizGEC) at the annual Genetic and Evolutionary Computation Conference and am a reviewer for IEEE Transactions on Evolutionary Computation, Applied Soft Computing and the Journal of hydroinformatics.