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All Staff

Here we feature profiles of all staff members from Computer Science. Please refer to the Professional Services staff list for College-wide support staff.

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Academic staff

Dr Khulood Alyahya Lecturer in Computer Science (E&R)
Dr Rudy Arthur Lecturer in Data Science
Dr Hugo Barbosa Lecturer in Human Dynamics and Urban Systems
Ruth Beckley University Mentor
Dr Federico Botta Lecturer in Data Science (E&R)
Professor Achim D. Brucker Chair in Cybersecurity
Dr Chico Camargo Lecturer in Computer Science (E&R)
Dr Avik Chakraborti Lecturer in Computer Science (E&R)
Professor Jacqueline Christmas Associate Professor of Machine Learning (E&R)
Dr Edward Chuah Lecturer in Computer Science (E&S)
Dr Tinkle Chugh Lecturer (E&R)
Dr Matt Collison Lecturer (E&S)
Dr Fabrizio Costa Senior Lecturer in Data Analytics
Dr Sophie Cowie Academic Mentor/Associate Lecturer
Dave Dann Associate Lecturer
Dr Riccardo Di Clemente Lecturer in Data Science
Dr Anjan Dutta Lecturer in Computer Vision and Machine Learning (E&R)
Huw Evans Senior Lecturer in Computer Science
Professor Richard Everson Professor of Machine Learning
Professor Jonathan Fieldsend Professor in Computational Intelligence
Dan Hallam Associate Lecturer
Ayah Helal
Dr Jia Hu Senior Lecturer in Computer Science
Dr Avon Huxor Associate Lecturer
Professor Edward Keedwell Professor of Artificial Intelligence
Dr Chunbo Luo Senior Lecturer in Computer Science
Dr Man Luo Lecturer in Computer Science (E&R)
Pikakshi Manchanda Lecturer (E&S)
Diego Marmsoler Lecturer in Computer Science (E&R)
Professor Ronaldo Menezes Professor of Data and Network Science
Professor Geyong Min Chair in High Performance Computing and Networking
Tessa Moore University Mentor
Dr Alberto Moraglio Senior Lecturer in Computer Science
Dr Marcos Oliveira Lecturer in City Science & Analytics
Dr Diogo Pacheco Lecturer in Computer Science (E&R)
James Penman Lecturer (Education and Scholarship)
Alexander Richardson-Hall Lecturer, CS Director of Admissions
Dr Anastasios (Tassos) Roussos Lecturer in Computer Science (E&R)
Dr Sareh Rowlands Lecturer in Data Science (E&R)
Dr Wenjie Ruan Senior Lecturer in Data Science
Dr Vladimir Ryabov Senior Lecturer
Michael Saunby Lecturer
Paul Shephard Associate Lecturer - Academic Mentor
Dr Massimo Stella Lecturer in Computer Science (E&R)
Victoria Thomas Lecturer
Julian Vizor University Mentor
Dr Johan Wahlström Lecturer in Data Science (E&R)
Dr David Wakeling Senior Lecturer in Computer Science (E&S)
Dr Zeliang Wang Lecturer (E&S)
Professor Hywel Williams Associate Professor in Data Science
Dr Yulei Wu Senior Lecturer in Computer Science (E&R)

Research staff

Faisal Alamri Postgraduate
Dr Khulood Alyahya Lecturer in Computer Science (E&R)
Chris Boulton Research Fellow
Dr Zexun Chen Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Darren Chitty Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Dr Andrew Corbett Research Fellow
Rucha Dalwadi
Dr George De Ath Research Fellow
Benedict Dennes
Dr Kevin Doherty Research Fellow
Marcos Diez Garcia
Dr Michael Gibson Research Fellow
Dr Fei Hao Marie-Curie Research Fellow
Dexter Jeffery
Dr Matt Johns Research Fellow
Fan Li
Xinqi Li
Dr Wang Miao Postdoctoral Research Associate
Dr Joshua Myrans Honorary Research Fellow
Dr Ola Oluwasuji Industrial Research Fellow (Impact Lab)
Dr Ravi Pandit Research Fellow
Jake Pitt Research Fellow
Nick Sanders PhD Student
Michelle Spruce
Dr Haozhe Wang Postdoctoral Research Associate
Dr Iain Weaver Research Fellow
Dr Jiangjiao Xu Post Doctoral Research Fellow
Dr Qin Zhang
Xu Zhang


Mustafa Albalushi Postgraduate
Sami Alenezi Postgraduate
Abdulaziz Almutairi Postgraduate
Amjad Alsuwaylimi Postgraduate
Liam Berrisford Postgraduate Researcher
Joe Billingsley Postgraduate
Silvia Candia Postgraduate
Tristan Cann Postgraduate
Marcus Carpenter
Abhra Chaudhuri Postgraduate
Zheyi Chen
Guohao Chen
Tommy Collins
Marcos Diez García Postgraduate
Niall Donnelly
Sima Farokhnejad Postgraduate
Finley Gibson Postgraduate
Mariana Gomes da Motta Macedo PhD Student in Computer Science
Stephen Goult PhD researcher
Luma Al Harbawee Postgraduate
Matthew Hayslep Postgraduate Researcher
Sen He Postgraduate
Zijie Huang Postgraduate
Ahamed Fayeez B Tuani Ibrahim Postgraduate
Carina Ivascu Postgraduate
Nandini Iyer Postgraduate
Ana Jaramillo
Rui Jin
Joshua Joyce Postgraduate Researcher (QUEX Institute)
Clodomir Joaquim De Santana Junior PhD Student
Melike Dila Karatas Postgraduate
Mohammad Rami Koujan PhD Student
Antonis Loizou Postgraduate
Tina Malalanirainy PhD student
Matthew McGuigan PhD Student
Yang Mi Postgraduate
Jed Mills
Iraklis Moutidis Postgraduate
Rory Murphy
Atchara Namburi Postgraduate
Amir Nasiri
Rachel Prudden Postgraduate
Jiancheng Qian Postgraduate
Nick Ross Postgraduate Researcher
James Sakal PhD Student
Nick Sanders PhD Student
Tim Seah Postgraduate
Michelle Spruce Postgraduate
Amy Stell PhD Student
Siqi Sun Postgraduate
Kathie Treen PhD student
Ning Wang Postgraduate
Jin Wang
Dongya Wang PhD student
Zi Wang Postgraduate
Zhe Wang
Zheng Wang Postgraduate
Phoenix Williams Postgraduate
Craig Wright Postgraduate
Han Wu Postgraduate
Qi Xu PhD Student in Computer Science
Han Xu
Sakine Yalman PhD Student
Zhengxin Yu Postgraduate
He Zhang PhD student in Computer Science
Juan Zhang
Jiazhen Zhang
Chi Zhang Postgraduate
Yanghao Zhang PhD Student
Tianle Zhang PhD Student
Yongchao Zhang Postgraduate
Jianqiao Zhang Postgraduate
Siwei Zheng Postgraduate
Yujia Zhu Postgraduate

Honorary staff

Dr Joshua Myrans Honorary Research Fellow
Professor Derek Partridge Professor Emeritus