Tracking Digital Impact (TDI)

Project Lead: Ed Keedwell

Project Manager: Kent McClymont

Project partners/collaborators: Elizabeth Tait (Researcher, Aberdeen University); Rowena Passy (Researcher, Plymouth University); Elizabeth Brock (Researcher, University of Exeter) Sue Waite (Researcher & BCE Practitioner, Plymouth University); Erinma Ochu (BCE Practitioner, Manchester Beacon Network); Sarah Ward (Researcher, University of Exeter); Andy Phippen (Researcher / BCE Practitioner, Plymouth University); Matt Baker (Research Knowledge Transfer, University of Exeter); Pat Loria (ICT Specialist, University of Southern Queensland).

Overview: The project brings together researchers and BCE practitioners who develop and interact with digital resources and digital events for disseminating research as a pathway to impact. The project will explore the types of digital engagement that are currently in use and how they are monitored. A model of these engagement practices will be developed and used as basis. Us this, a set of standards for monitoring and assessing the impact of digital engagement will be created using case studies from different institutions and organisations. The standards will be designed to guide the use of existing and freely available tools such as Google Analytics to improve the impact assessment processes for digital engagement.

Project Documents

Below are a list of project documents:

News Update: Case Study Development

The team has already begun surveying, identifying and analysing suitable case studies at each partner institute. The existing processes, guidelines and procedures are being identified and collated from the partner institutions and will form the basis with which the team will improve, share and trial new and improved monitoring processes for BCE activities in the digital domain.