‌AISB 2013 Symposia

Below is a list of the symposia at AISB 2013.  Links to symposium websites and the call for papers will be added as they become available. (Clicking a link will open a new window).


Name Call for Papers Organisers
 1 Artificial Intelligence and Poetry S1CFP Ruth Aylett (Heriot-Watt)
Greg Michaelson (Heriot-Watt)
 2 Computing and Philosophy: the scandal of computation S2CFP Mark Bishop (Goldsmiths)
Yasemin J. Erden (St Mary's UC)
 3 Do-Form: Enabling Domain Experts to use Formalised Reasoning S3CFP Manfred Kerber (Birmingham)
Christoph Lange (Birmingham)
Colin Rowat (Birmingham)
 4 Enaction: Challenges and Successes S4CFP Etienne Roesch (Reading)
Slawomir Nasuto (Reading)
Mark Bishop (Goldsmiths)
 5 Logic, Agents, and Mobility CANCELLED S5CFP Berndt Müller (Glamorgan)
Michael Köhler-Bußmeier (Hamburg)
 6 Machine Learning in Water Systems S6CFP Dragan Savic (Exeter)
 7 Meta-optimisation: Hyper-heuristics and beyond CANCELLED S7CFP Kent McClymont (Exeter)
Ed Keedwell (Exeter)
 8 Music and Unconventional Computing S8CFP Eduardo Miranda (Plymouth)
Andy Adamatzky (UWE)
 9 Re-conceptualizing Mental "Illness" S9CFP Joel Parthemore (Lund)
Blay Whitby (Sussex)
 10 Social Coordination: Principles, Artefacts and Theories (SOCIAL.PATH) S10CFP Harko Verhagen (Stockholm)
Pablo Noriega (Barcelona)
Tina Balke (Surrey)
Marina de Vos (Bath)
 11 Nature Inspired Computation and Applications S11CFP Ed Keedwell (Exeter)