The influence of weather and climate variability on water resources management


When: 23rd January (pm) and 24th January (am) 2017
Where: The Rougemont Hotel, Exeter


This joint workshop was organised by the EPSRC networks ReCoVER (Research in Change of Variability and Environmental Risk; and BRIM (Building Resilience into Risk Management; The organisers were Peter Ashwin (Exeter) and Guangtao Fu (Exeter).

The aim of the workshop was to explore how weather/climate variability will shape water resources management in the long term and identify themes for research that could help develop management strategies to better cope with the variability in means and extremes.  We explored some of the challenges that arise from:

• Understanding weather/climate variability and climatic risk on water resources management.
• Relations between weather variability and fluctuations in water supply capacity and water demand.
• Longer-term challenges of climate change on meeting water demand.
• Developing and using climate forecasts for water infrastructure planning and management.
• Developing resilient water supply to weather/climate variability.

The schedule included a number of presentations from researchers raising particular research problems, followed by a workshop-style meeting where participants took the opportunity to engage across disciplinary boundaries.

Funding: The networks ReCoVER and BRIM offered participants the opportunity to apply for feasibility funding to follow up ideas from the workshop.


The Rougemont Hotel, Exeter

Queen Street, Exeter, EX43SP