Emma Gerrard, MEng Renewable Energy: "I really enjoyed my placement at Less C02, and I’m still in contact with the company and doing a bit of work for them."

Placements and work experience

One of the best ways for your business to engage with our students is by offering the opportunity of a work placement within your organisation. Our students often take a placement in the summer between their second and third year which can be up to four months long. Some students are available for a year-long placement, depending on their course.

Subject requirements for placements

We also have a wide variety of postgraduate courses, whose students may also be looking to undertake work placements or business related projects. 

“I believe in giving opportunities to students to gain first-hand knowledge from learning in the field. Their contribution benefits our project and I am happy to support people just starting out in the field.”

David Volkert, President and CEO of Paget Minerals (Provided Summer Placement 2012)

Benefits to your business

Our bright, enthusiastic students are keen to demonstrate and develop their skills and bring a fresh perspective to the work-place. Feedback from employers has been consistently positive and many students are invited back to take up a graduate position with their placement host.

Working with our students provides many benefits for your organisation:

  • Fill a skills gap or vacancy – solve staff shortages or complete specific specialist projects without long term commitments.
  • Identify talented future employees – find quality new recruits through observing the impact they make.
  • Reduce recruitment costs – advertise your vacancies to our students free of charge, whilst accessing a low cost short term staffing solution.
  • Inject fresh ideas – complement existing skills with new ideas and concepts.
  • Add value to your business – access high quality, motivated, analytical thinkers.
  • Raise your profile – increase awareness of opportunities within your organisation amongst students and the wider community.
  • Build international business networks – create global industry links and obtain country-specific market intelligence through our international students.

Further information and contact details

If you think your organisation would be able to offer one of our students a placement opportunity, or would like any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us at empsemployability@exeter.ac.uk