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The College of Engineering, Mathematics and Physical Sciences Academic Recognition Awards 2020

Our Academic Recognition Awards provide a unique opportunity for CEMPS academic staff to celebrate the success and achievements of their colleagues within the college of Engineering Mathematics & Physical Sciences.

We received nominations for over 40 members of staff and more than 120 of you took part in the final voting stage.

This year’s celebration event in March was unfortunately cancelled however we were finally able to celebrate with the winners in an online ceremony on 4 September. The final shortlists and winner videos are available to view below.

During this year’s event the College Executive Group also presented a surprise award, The Lifetime Achievement Award, to Professor Ken Evans. This was accompanied by a tribute from Janice Kay which can be viewed on YouTube or below:

Dean’s Outstanding Contribution Award

To recognise staff who have gone above and beyond in any aspect of their role, or who have had significant positive impact on the university as a whole.

The Winner of the Dean’s Outstanding Contribution Award has been decided by the College Executive Group and we are delighted to announce the 2020 recipient - Clare Dobbs.

Inspiring Leader Award

To recognise staff who have brought out the best in the people they work with to achieve exceptional results. They champion innovation and collaboration, deliver real change for their discipline and institution, and inspire the higher education community.

Finalists for this award are:

Prof. Pete Ashwin - Winner!

Peter Ashwin has shown significant dedication to the Department of Mathematics in the last few years. Recently, this includes pushing the interests of students and staff in his role as Director of Education. Apart from his formal roles within the Department, Peter has also mentored numerous Early Career Researchers, enabling them to blossom in their research, teaching, and careers through his encouragement.

Peter Ashwin has been in Exeter since 2000. His presence as an international leading mathematician in his field, Dynamical Systems, and his support has been a reason for many junior and senior colleagues and PhD students to join our University. Pete runs the UK-wide MAGIC programme offering graduate courses across 21 universities in the UK. Peter has served a Head of Department and Director of Research, and recently as co-director of Education to help with the student experience and recruitment strategy. In short, Peter is a mentor and creator of the Mathematics Department as it is today.

Dr. Junning Chen - Shortlisted

Junning has strived to make myself and others achieve the best they can in academia along promoting a healthy work life balance. In just a year he has had speakers from different countries come to give interesting talks in our research field and is very accommodating to those who visit, leading to international collaboration. Regarding academic performance he has promoted and helped organise many opportunities to develop skills outside of normal laboratory work, such as international conferences, travelling to different labs across the UK, and a variety of PTA work. Overall, he is an asset to the department and University.

Prof. Tim Dodwell - Shortlisted

Tim's passion for high-calibre research and education builds on his pre-existing traits of a great leader. His clear vision of excellence motivates others to work with greater effort and improved performance. He has the ability to collaborate easily with others, across various departments and positions. Due to his generosity in giving on-going advice and support, it is clear he has the will and aptitude to advance the academic career of others, be they postgraduate students or lecturers. These attributes are easily apparent to those who work directly with him, as well as those who encounter his work at a distance.

Positive Impact Award

To recognise staff who have made an exceptional difference to others’ experiences through an outstanding contribution to the College, their Department or Group and who have worked hard to make individuals’ experiences better.

Finalists for this award are:

Dr. Adam Feldman - Winner!

Adam has been a role model to his peers and students who consistently applies and demonstrates his passion and enthusiasm for Renewable Energy Engineering. He has developed and implemented innovative and inspiring teaching methods. He brings core engineering lectures to life with props and demonstrations that challenge students’ perception and inspires their learning experience. The feedback he gives to students is infused by constructive encouragement, whilst challenging them to go further in their learning journey. His teaching ambition is recognised and valued across the Renewable Energy Group, inspiring peers and students through his exceptional teaching delivery.

Dr. Penelope Maher - Shortlisted

Dr. Maher's leadership in the Women In Climate (WIC) endeavour attracts ECRs of all genders in CEMPs (and further afield) providing a friendly, intellectual environment within which to learn and advance science in a funding environment that is rapidly changing. Climate science was once an activity of basic research and exploration. The field is transforming into activities of solutions, (e.g. cleaning up plastics, re-insurance, etc). Without the chance for ECRs in this area to discuss, receive training, and imagine the future together, it would be significantly more difficult for them to succeed in the process of ECRs becoming Lecturers.

Dr. Tim Jupp - Shortlisted

Tim continually delivers consistently excellent programme talks as admissions tutor, he makes time in his very busy schedule to take prospective students around the department which strongly encourages them to apply, and has really helpful suggestions of how to improve student recruitment activities.

Diversity and Outreach Award

To recognise staff who worked well with people of diverse personalities, learning styles, and life experiences, as well as groups of social differences including race, ethnicity, class, gender, sexual orientation, socio-economic, country of origin, cultural, political, religious, or other affiliations. The recipient(s) sought out, valued, and utilized the knowledge and experiences of the diverse community.

Dr. Jude Meakin - Winner!

A pillar with our Athena SWAN/Juno action. I seriously doubt without her we would ever got our Silver award.

Dr. Hugo Barbosa - Shortlisted

Hugo has championed the WP agenda resulting in the creation of a new Exeter scholars strand. This is for high achieving National BAME students from low participation/income neighbourhoods, interested in computer science. He focuses on motivating more females into coding and seeks best practise to ensure he is informed. He seeks to create a safe environment for our LQBTQ+ community at all levels through increased conversation and visibility especially on the Computer Science Small Piece residential. Many others have learnt through his dedication to interactive and inspiring widening participation outreach work.

Dr. Ana Rodrigues - Shortlisted

Ana is a very active member of academic staffs on all matters relating to diversity and this is also reflected in her role as a PGR Director for Mathematics.

Inspirational Teaching Award

To recognise staff who have used their passion and dedication for a subject area to inspire others to be ambitious, enthusiastic and challenged to develop new ideas.

Dr. David Wakeling - Winner!

David has a passion for teaching that drives the teaching and learning ethos across the department. As a new member of staff I have heard many opinions on the teaching practice of the department and all positives lead back to David. This endorsement is best captured in the outcome of a vote to name our two new computer cluster rooms. The students voted to call the new rooms: 'David' and 'Wakeling'. Other computing scholar such as Alan Turing, Ada Lovelace and Charles Babbage were among the runners up.

Dr. Hugo Barbosa - Shortlisted

Dr. Hugo Barbosa has joined Exeter last year and has already been recognised by students as one of the most exciting lecturers in the department. His dedication to his classes, preparation, and attention to detail has received kudos from many students. He came in on a difficult situation and took over a new class halfway during the semester and got it to a level never seen in the department. Recently he stepped up to teach another new module in London and is again receiving praises for his efforts.

Dr. Eric Hébrard - Shortlisted

Eric teaches the stage-one Introduction to Astrophysics module. Students praise his enthusiasm and his approachability, noting that he delivers difficult content in an engaging way. Eric's course combines an excellent student experience with academic rigour, introducing students to challenging new astrophysical and quantum mechanical concepts.

Excellence in Internationalisation Award

To recognise staff who have identified, developed and sustained valuable new international partnerships, championed initiatives in the implementation of the international strategy, worked to integrate two-way understanding between international and home students, established or enhances successful international opportunities/programmes, and collaborated and shared internationalisation best-practice across departments in support of our University strategy.

Dr. Ion Sucala - Winner!

Ion has developed and sustained new partnerships in India, a key market for postgraduate recruitment in our international strategy, particularly for Engineering. He visited in September and formed key links with agents in Delhi and Mumbai to promote MSc EBM and ISCM. Ion volunteered to travel to India again in February where he will visit the technology-rich cities of Bangalore and Chennai and a repeat visit to Delhi to build and sustain valuable relationships with agents. The work that Ion has and will do in India is paramount to delivering our ambitious strategy and Ion absolutely deserves recognition for his efforts.

Prof. Lars Johanning - Shortlisted

Lars has lead the international partnership for Offshore Engineering in China, delivering substantial value for the University’s international profile. In recent years he has been a visiting Professor to Dalian University of Technology (DUT) and The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK). His tireless engagement and frequent travels have resulted in an Exeter-led joint EPSRC funded project with DUT and Leadership of the EPSRC UK & China Centre for Offshore Renewable Energy. He implemented the collaboration through visiting researchers, and is in the process of implementing a joint postgraduate degree between Exeter, Dalian and DLSU (Philippines).

Dr. Eros Mariani - Shortlisted

As Director for Internationalisation and Development Eros has worked tirelessly to increase the profile of the Department and College on the international stage. His work on the Munich Initiative, establishing an agreement with TU Munich, and expanding this to other institutions (LMU and MPIA), is particularly noteworthy. He is working hard on links with other EU institutions which will be vital post-Brexit, and on other initiatives to enhance our global reputation.

Research Excellence Award

To recognise staff who have led an impactful research project that has achieved external recognition for research, demonstrated significant or novel results, fostered creative collaborations or imaginatively communicated research results.

Finalists for this award are:

Dr. Ke Li - Winner!

Dr. Ke Li has quickly become a leading researcher in the department of computer science. He was recently awarded a UKRI fellowship for 4 years with a possible extension of another 3 years. This is an amazing achievement given the size of computer science and the teaching load Ke Li had during the preparation of this grant. He has become an inspiration for many in the department who can now see the doors that open when you go for large grants.

Prof. William Barnes - Shortlisted

Bill Barnes is recognised for many ground-breaking contributions in the area of light-matter interactions. His pioneering work on surface plasmons, especially experiments using nanostructure to control surface plasmon propagation, were a major stimulus in launching the field of plasmonics. His novel experiments using nanostructured environments to control the optical properties of molecules initiated the use of nanostructure to control processes such as intermolecular energy transfer. He has established a leading position in his field and has championed its establishment as a topical international research area. He was awarded the prestigious Young medal of the Institute of Physics in 2019.

Prof. Nick Stone - Shortlisted

Nick leads a highly successful group of medical physicists, working primary on the use of Raman spectroscopy and nanoparticles for cancer detection and treatment. He currently is PI of four major grants, including the EPSRC RaNT Programme Grant, with a total award value of over £8M. He currently supervises 5 postdocs and is first or second supervisor of 11 PhD students. Nick is a collegiate colleague, with an infectious enthusiasm for his research. His work on Raman spectroscopy has the potential to revolutionise the diagnosis of lymphoma and breast cancer.

Industry Award

To recognise staff who have contributed to outstanding university partnership with a business or an industry – regional, national or international – with a lasting impact for students, staff and the university.

Finalists for this award are:

Prof. Oana Ghita - Winner!

Oana has developed a range of highly successful industrial partnerships. These include but are not limited to a 5 year multi-million pound industrial partnership between Victrex and the University set up in 2018, multiple Innovate UK Additive Manufacturing projects with large multi-partner consortiums spanning the whole AM supply chain, 3 KTP projects, Industry sponsored PhDs (Invibio, Bond 3D and Arkema) and contract research with materials suppliers and end users. Research income from industrial projects has totalled over £10m over the last 5 years and Oana is currently preparing an impact case study for REF2021, from her work with Victrex. Through her biennial industry focused event, the European Strategy for Additive Manufacturing with High Performance Polymers, she also coordinates activities within the High Performance Polymer market, outlining the strategy and agenda for the sector and bringing together industry partners, from across the globe, in all areas of the supply chain.

Dr. Hannah Hughes - Shortlisted

Hannah has worked tirelessly to develop a strategic partnership with Anglo American. She has secured a £587,545 five year consortium project with University of Leicester and Cardiff University, which aims to address questions on the genesis of mineralisation within the area that benefit Anglo mining and exploration operations. Hannah’s hard work and dedication to her research is pioneering other ways of industrial engagement in the mining and minerals sector. In 2018 she was awarded the William Smith Fund from the Geological Society of London and in 2019 organised the MDSG Conference bringing academics and students from across the field to Camborne School of Mines. She is also an ambassador for Women in in Mining, dedicated to promoting and progressing the development of women in the sector.

Prof. Tim Dodwell - Shortlisted

Tim holds a prestigious 5 year £1.3million Data Centric Engineering Fellowship with the Alan Turing Institute in partnership with Boeing and GKN. Based between Exeter and the Data-Centric Engineering Programme at The Alan Turing Institute, Tim’s fellowship spans traditional research boundaries between applied mathematics and statistics to drive national research in AI forward. Tim’s vision is supported by significant matched investment and partnerships, including The Alan Turing Institute, GKN Aerospace, Boeing, University of Exeter, the Henry Royce Institute, National Composite Centre, Simple Ware, the Universities of Bristol, Cambridge, Florida, Heidelberg and MIT, and the Brilliant Club, a school outreach programme. He’s also recently contributed to City Science’s £1.2m Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund Transforming Construction grant, also involving Aecom for their sector and market intelligence.