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I chose Exeter as it was as far away from home as possible! Seriously though I knew it was an excellent University with a great reputation for Computer Science. I knew that I wanted to work with computers but really didn’t know in what way. I figured I’d work it out as the course went on and as it happened I’ve ended up running my own business, Optix Solutions, in web design and online marketing with fellow graduate James Dawkins.

I loved my time at Exeter. I can’t say that I was the model student although I did manage to get through with a 2:1. I remember lots of ‘allnighters’ to get things in on time – I’m not sure that did much for my time management skills in business! The course was good although I’ve ended up in a far more creative industry than the course set you up for. It taught me a far deeper knowledge of computing than I’ll probably ever need but this is great when you run a business in the industry and need to prove your credibility. I’ve done this on many occasions and still refer regularly to my time at Exeter when pitching to prospects.

I’d definitely recommend the University, the campus is amazing and I still love going up there. Life in town is perhaps not as ‘buzzy’ as main cities but it’s still a great place to come and study. Some of my best memories are of the summer balls we had – oh and all the great people I met along the way.

Alastair Banks

Computer Science (1999)

I chose Exeter after hearing from friends what a good place the University was to study and about the amazing culture and surroundings the South West has to offer.  I have always wanted to be a Civil Engineer since I was young, and it is a dream come true that I finally achieved what I wanted to be, more precious getting it from a recognised university such as Exeter.

The most enjoyable thing about the Engineering programme was that it covered a variety of themes through field trips, lab work, tutorials, and of course the teaching by well-respected and experienced academics. Equipped with state of the art Engineering facilities, as well as experienced lecturers, I believe obtaining an engineering degree here is something that one can be proud of.

I am currently working for Westports Malaysia as a Civil/Project Engineer in the Technical Services Department; Westports is one of the three main port operators in Malaysia. My job covers managing, co-ordinating and assisting with any new projects as well as maintenance activities within the port vicinity.  The Engineering programme at Exeter covered a variety of projects that required good decision making, along with a combination of independence and team work in order to achieve the required goals and objectives. Subsequently, what was learned during my study days and the method of solving issues is used and continues to be developed in my current job.

Some of the best memories during my time at the University of Exeter were simply being in the university grounds itself. The hilly terrain, greenery, beautiful lakes as well as the university being slightly ‘away’ from the city makes it a really enjoyable place to study. Making an abundance of friends from all over the world was something I treasure most. Apart from the studying, University of Exeter also offered me the opportunity to indulge in a good social lifestyle.

Amiroel Reza Mohd Yussof

Civil Engineering (2000)

I chose to study Engineering after going to an “Insight into Engineering” residential in year 12 where we had various lectures in different types of Engineering. I really enjoyed the experience and it was good to be with like-minded females.

I loved University from day one. The quality of teaching was very good at Exeter. The course was not as difficult as I expected and I really enjoyed the practical side of it.  I made good friends on my course and I am still in contact with them today.

My best memory of University was when I took part in the ERASMUS study abroad scheme and was fortunate enough to work for Ferrari in Italy. We also took a trip to Renishaw in Bristol and after that visit, I was offered a summer work placement in the research and design office. This looked great on my CV! Another high point was getting my results was a great day. I remember ringing my parents and crying when I told them I had received a first!


After University I decided that I really enjoyed the materials aspect of my course, so went on to do a masters in Materials at Cranfield. After that, I applied to six companies and got offers from all of them! I think it was my ERASMUS placement that set me apart from the rest and aided me in getting the job. I decided Jaguar Land Rover was where I wanted to be so chose to work for them.

Since starting at Land Rover I have moved to the Body Structures department and was the lead for the launch of the Jaguar F-Type. Last year I was promoted to Advanced Technology Body Manager.


Rebecca Hitch

Mechanical Engineering (2006)

Since graduating I’ve been working for Pico Technology as an Analogue Development Engineer. My work here on the PS300 oscilloscope recently led to me winning the Elektra Award for Rising Star in Engineering.

I really appreciated the flexibility of the course at Exeter; after starting on the BEng Mechanical Engineering I was able to switch to Electronic Engineering at the end of my first year when I realised that was where my interests really lay. The route I went on to study was quite hardware intensive and included quite a bit of analogue design. This was a key element in getting me my job at Pico. Analogue hardware designers are amongst the most in-demand in the electronics industry and as a result they are often very well paid.

For my fourth year project I was part of the ChocALM team; we designed the first machine to use chocolate in the additive layering manufacturing process. This was an exciting project to be involved in, with sponsorship from Cadbury, Farnell and Hepco Motion.

The programme I took at Exeter got me ready and gave me the confidence to take on anything and teach myself what I needed to get the job done.

Once you know what area of engineering you want to work in my advice is to start looking early. I sent out copies of my CV in December because I wanted to make sure I got the best choice. I had the initial offer from Pico Technology in January during my final year at Exeter. Usually these kinds of offers are conditional; my offer from Pico Technology was on the condition that I got a first class degree.  

Adrian Carter

MEng Electronic Engineering (2008)

Winner of the Elektra Award for Rising Star in Engineering 2011

I originally chose Exeter for its outstanding reputation in the UK for student satisfaction, teaching standards and reputation with employers. My degree programme offered me a unique opportunity as it is supported by over 50 varied employers including IBM, Proctor and Gamble, and BT. The course offered me the opportunity to learn industry relevant skills by combining business with IT and presented exclusive opportunities to interact with large name employers. I can certainly say that my time at Exeter got me where I am today.

I am now working for IBM as a Strategy and Transformation Consultant based in Central London. This is a client facing, project based, business consultancy role. My programme has really helped me in establishing my career and I can already see how it will help me in the long term.  Studying the ITMB course has enabled me to have a level of technological understanding required in medium to large, professional organisations today.  I am surprised at how much of my degree course content is relevant to my role including the softer skills I learnt including events/project management and team working.

I enjoyed so much about my time as an ITMB student. Being a part of a small group of students was great fun and I got to know the teaching staff who were always there to support their students. I would have no hesitation in recommending this programme at Exeter. I gained a lot of valuable and relevant knowledge. The insight into graduate employers businesses was priceless and my course and time at Exeter University was a massive contributor to my current role as a strategy consultant in London.

Sarah Collins

Information Technology for Business Alumni (2010)

I chose to study Engineering whilst at school. I felt that it ticked all the right boxes for me and that it was a good fit. Once at University it was clear to see how respected the subject was amongst other students and professionals.

Whist at Exeter I worked on the Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems project. In a team of seven, we created new model which was later taken on by PhD students and the following year’s Masters students.

The most enjoyable thing about Engineering at Exeter University was that there was great comradery between other Engineers and we all worked together well. I also liked the mix of interesting subjects and the workshops. My most memorable experience was when I worked in Italy for six months on the Italian Formula Competition as part of the ERASMUS scheme.

I am currently on my first placement on the Graduate Scheme at nPower – Employers really value engineering degrees so it is not too hard to progress after University.

Rowan Royds

Mechanical Engineering (2013)

alumni profile

I chose Exeter because their Engineering program offers a common first year, giving students a broad knowledge of a variety of disciplines, before going on to specialize further as the course progresses and module choices allow. Furthermore, Exeter offers students who perform well on the BEng program to transfer to a Masters course.

Whilst completing my degree, I enjoyed the aspects of my programme based on industrial involvement the most. These included site visits, attending evening meetings/talks and interviewing local professionals. These activities gave a useful insight into working in the industry and were a useful compliment to the educational base.

During my final year at Exeter I was the students’ rep to the local branch of the Institution of Structural Engineers. This was an excellent introduction to the invaluable role that such organizations play in maintaining the professional status of civil engineering. Furthermore, it was an excellent opportunity to share knowledge and learn from leading figures in the industry

I am currently on a 15 month placement in the Major Projects Highway Design Team as a Graduate Engineer. Responsibilities therefore include various aspects of highway and sustainable urban drainage design and project management of schemes.

Alex Crump

MEng Civil Engineering (2013)