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In the College of Engineering, Mathematics and Physical Sciences, we have a dedicated Alumni Relations Contact, Kate Stockman, who oversees all alumni activity. Kate would be delighted to hear from you with any questions you may have about alumni activity or the University in general. So whether you want to update us on what you’ve been doing, find out what’s happening at the University or volunteer your time to help current students, please get in touch.

The University also runs a number of alumni networks, a great way to connect and network with like-minded alumni. Information on how to get involved can be found on our Alumni Networks webpage.

For alumni from the Camborne School of Mines there is also the CSM Association, an independent, self-governing alumni organisation which is financed primarily through member's subscriptions. For more information please contact Claire Yelland (

I chose Exeter after hearing from friends what a good place the University was to study and about the amazing culture and surroundings the South West has to offer.  I have always wanted to be a Civil Engineer since I was young, and it is a dream come true that I finally achieved what I wanted to be, more precious getting it from a recognised university such as Exeter.

The most enjoyable thing about the Engineering programme was that it covered a variety of themes through field trips, lab work, tutorials, and of course the teaching by well-respected and experienced academics. Equipped with state of the art Engineering facilities, as well as experienced lecturers, I believe obtaining an engineering degree here is something that one can be proud of.

I am currently working for Westports Malaysia as a Civil/Project Engineer in the Technical Services Department; Westports is one of the three main port operators in Malaysia. My job covers managing, co-ordinating and assisting with any new projects as well as maintenance activities within the port vicinity.  The Engineering programme at Exeter covered a variety of projects that required good decision making, along with a combination of independence and team work in order to achieve the required goals and objectives. Subsequently, what was learned during my study days and the method of solving issues is used and continues to be developed in my current job.

Some of the best memories during my time at the University of Exeter were simply being in the university grounds itself. The hilly terrain, greenery, beautiful lakes as well as the university being slightly ‘away’ from the city makes it a really enjoyable place to study. Making an abundance of friends from all over the world was something I treasure most. Apart from the studying, University of Exeter also offered me the opportunity to indulge in a good social lifestyle.

Amiroel Reza Mohd Yussof

Civil Engineering (2000)